Practice is Crucial in Learning to Play the Guitar

The most crucial factor in learning to play guitar is regular practice. This is because the key skill in learning to play the guitar is finger memory. Your fingers must learn what to do automatically without you thinking about it. And of course the only way to achieve such motor skills is by constant repetitive practice.

learn -kenny-chesney-guitar graphicAs part of building up your finger memory you should also practice your rhythm regardless of whether or not you know the chords. If you’re not playing at the right pace, you’re going to sound dreadful. Many guitar newbies struggle with the pace, so to overcome this they practice with a metronome. Try to get out of the habit of worrying where your fingers are on the strings because this may well lead you into bad habits. As part of this practice, just focus on keeping the right tempo.

You’ll be surprised at how painful playing the guitar can be when you first start. But don’t worry about this because if you keep practicing regularly, you’ll soon begin to build up calluses on your fingertips. When your fingers begin to harden, and become used to playing, you will soon find that playing your guitar is less painful, and therefore more enjoyable.

A good tip given to me when I first started was to buy the best quality guitar that I could easily afford. Let’s face it, until you’ve tried learning to play the guitar you cannot know if you’ll get any pleasure from it.

Another good tip was to quickly learn how to tune your guitar and keep it properly tuned because this helps you get used to handling the guitar while making you sound good.

All that remains now – is to get started!

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